Garran Hall 1975-2005 Reunion

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Garran Hall
Who could forget
Who are these three people?

Those of us who lived in Garran Hall probably feel a sense of nostalgia about the old building. Who could forget those small cubbyholes we called our rooms, the long dark corridors and the shared bathroom facilities.

However, for many of us, this place was our home for several years as we made our way through University. I was there from 1975 to 1978, and it brings back many memories.

That was over half a lifetime ago, and it will be interesting to see how people have changed in that time and what they are up to now.

Kym Sullivan and Richard Sharpe are planning a 30th reunion for people who entered Garran Hall in 1975, but we also invite people who entered Garran during the subsequent few years (1976 to 1978) who we might have known to think about attending as well. To plan the reunion we have been locating the people we can remember and suggesting a time for the reunion.

People who were in Garran Hall from 1975 to 1978 are spread all over the world. While some of them are still in Canberra, others live in London, or Mountain View, or near Chicago, and maybe more exotic places as well.

This site aims at providing information about the reunion and the people we have found so far. We hope you will find this information useful and perhaps even entertaining.

If you know someone who was at Garran Hall some time between 1975 and 1978, or if you were there yourself and are not shown below, and you would like to know more about the reunion, please send mail to rsharpe in or kymsul in (change as needed to make them into email addresses).

The Reunion
Date Saturday, 16-Jul-2005
Venue Brindabella Restaurants Buffet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel
1 Binara Street, Canberra (next to Canberra Casino).
When 6:00PM to 10:00PM, Saturday 16-Jul-2005.
Buffet Their buffet contains a variety of hot dishes (with seafood a specialty) salads and desserts. Tea and percolated coffee are included.
Drinks All other drinks to be ordered and paid for separately.
Cost $55 per person (paid on entry).
Dress Smart Casual or formal. Your choice.

The Found Garranites
Here are the people we have contacted already.
  • Oates Laurie   Canberra, ACT
    Last Name First Name Current
    Last Name
    Location Web Site
    Achterstraat Peter   Sydney, NSW
    Aisbett Tim   Canberra, ACT
    Baker Martin   Albury, NSW
    Banks Karen Sutcliffe Canberra, ACT Kaaren's Books
    Barnes Graeme   Canberra, ACT
    Battenally Michael   Canberra, ACT
    Berzins Leo   Queenbeyan, NSW
    Bickle Peter   Melbourne, VIC
    Blackwell Des   Canberra, ACT
    Bloomfield John   Canberra, ACT
    Bone Don   Canberra, ACT
    Bruce Janet   Canberra, ACT
    Cannon Mark   Canberra, ACT
    Campbell Robert   Canberra, ACT
    Campbell Jancy McHugh Townsville, QLD
    Carter John   Whyalla, SA
    Campbell Jenny Barnes Canberra, ACT
    Cardow Michele Huston Canberra, ACT
    Chapman Kae   Canberra, ACT
    Clifford Lois   Canberra, ACT
    Collits Paul   Sydney, NSW
    Comensoli Brendan   Canberra, ACT
    Cooper Barbara Ainsworth Melbourne, VIC
    Donaldson Tom   Canberra, ACT
    Drinkwater Cathy   Melbourne, VIC
    Dutton Annette Gilmour Canberra, ACT
    Eastwood Heather   Canberra, ACT
    Ellis Greg   Canberra, ACT
    Filleul Robyn Dowling Maryborough, QLD
    Fisher Michelle   Sydney  
    Forsyth Robin Thomson Coffs Harbour, NSW
    Gilmour Geoff   Canberra, ACT
    Gore Michael   Canberra, ACT
    Haritos Adrienne McConvell Canberra  
    Higgins Peter   Colchester, UK  
    Hunt Vicki Achterstraat Sydney, NSW
    Ikeda Shunichi (Shun)   Canberra, ACT
    Ikin Joanna Baker Albury, NSW
    Johnson Ian   Sydney, NSW
    Johnson Prue Miller Darwin, NT
    Jones Barry   Canbarra, ACT
    Jones Margaret Campbell Canberra, ACT
    Kehrer Karin Kingma Queensland
    Keppie Garth   Queensland
    Klim Ed   Canberra, ACT  
    Knox Andrew   Brisbane, QLD
    Lewis Andrew   Brisbane, QLD
    McDowall Sue-Ella   Sydney, NSW
    McLean Anne   Tasmania
    McLeod Derek   Brisbane, QLD
    McRitchie Neil   Canberra, ACT
    Meadowcroft Rex   Brisbane, QLD
    Megirian Ruth   Canberra, ACT
    Miller Andrew   Darwin, NT
    Moon Keith   Tasmania
    Nagy Laslo   Canberra, ACT
    O'Connor John   Newcastle, NSW //
    O'Connor Mark   Canbarra, ACT
    O'Donnell Peter   Sydney, NSW
    Palmer Mary Meadowcroft Brisbane, QLD
    Parkes Brenda   Canberra, ACT
    Paviour Adrian   Canberra, ACT
    Petrovic Sue Ring Canberra, ACT
    Prideaux Kevin   Canberra, ACT
    Reid Ivan   London, UK
    Rice Stephen   Sydney, NSW
    Rienstra Richard   Wauchope, NSW
    Ring Steven   Canberra, ACT
    Ritter Jonquil   Sydney, NSW
    Robinson Grant   Springwood, NSW
    Rootes Peta Thorpe Canberra, ACT
    Sananikone Ouma   New York, New York
    Sangster Elizabeth Rampley Melbourne, Vic
    Sharpe Richard   Mountain View, CA
    Smith Graham   Canberra, ACT
    Snell David   Canberra, ACT
    Souden Margo   Sydney
    Spillman Lyn   Notre Dame, IN
    Steffenhagen Edna Jones Canberra, ACT
    Stone Lindell McConnell Canberra, ACT
    Sullivan Kym   Melbourne, VIC
    Tait David   Canberra, ACT
    Terry Sue Snell Canberra, ACT
    Thorpe Garry   Canberra, ACT
    Tomaska Luba   Canberra, ACT
    Weinberg Sonja   Canberra, ACT
    Whitfeld Peter   Sydney, NSW
    Wigley Peter Canberra, ACT
    Wild Simon   Sydney, NSW
    Williams Paul   Perth, WA
    Worrall Lisa   Canberra, ACT
    Wotherspoon John   Sydney, NSW
    Young Charles   Melbourne, VIC
    Zatschler Gerhard   Canberra, ACT

    The Lost Garranites
    Here is a list of people we remember but can't locate. If you are one of them, or you know of them, please let us know their contact details so we can contact them.
    • Saed Ahmed
    • Ken Aplin
    • Phillip Allaway
    • Doug Anderson
    • Pam Balon
    • Gloria Bauer
    • Peter Beaty
    • Bev Beer
    • John Bloomfield
    • Meryl Boyce
    • Elizabeth Brewer
    • Richard Brownlee
    • Alan Butterfield
    • Lindsay Bye
    • Jesse Chang
    • Tony Coggan
    • Andrew Coulton
    • Jo Cosgrove
    • Mark Dickens
    • John Doherty
    • Jenny Dunlop
    • John Evans
    • Graham Fairbairn
    • Robyn Fallick
    • Wayne Fanning
    • Caterian Ferranda
    • Jacqui Flitcroft
    • Anne Friend
    • Fran Gibson
    • Ian Gray
    • Reg Hamilton
    • Debbie Heinrich
    • Diane Hoare
    • Annie Hoffmaier
    • Gillian Holliday
    • Richard Horobin
    • Dave Hughes
    • Fiona Irwin
    • Adrian Jeffries
    • Jenny Johnson
    • Romey Johnson??
    • Kathy Kay
    • Chris (Paul) Keats
    • Joe Kilby
    • Phil Kurivita
    • Louise Lindner
    • Dean Larkman
    • Mick Lewis
    • Robyn Low
    • Des McDonnel
    • Sue McFadden
    • Andrew Maher
    • Jenny Mannall
    • Charles Maskell
    • Zoltan Matrahazi
    • Kerry Maunder
    • Cathy Million
    • Sigrid Mohring
    • Barbara Morgan
    • Christine Moon
    • Llew Morris
    • Chris Moulding
    • Dorothy McCarthy?
    • Lachlan McGregor
    • Graham Nettle
    • Kathy O'Ryan
    • Benjamin Ong
    • Fiona Quigley
    • Anna Passareli
    • Beth Pattinson
    • Bill Phillips
    • Dean Price
    • Martin Rees
    • Garry Richards
    • Peter Ride
    • Jeanette Robinson
    • Julie Samuels
    • Kathy Schumack
    • David Seddon
    • Dave Sheppard
    • Peta-Anne Spender
    • Ian Stanley
    • Janet Stubbs
    • John Taylor
    • Matthew Thompson
    • Kathy Tonkin
    • Mick Tsounis
    • Stephen Tyrell
    • Braimah Umoru
    • Tanya Waters
    • Iain Watts
    • Phil Whiteman
    • Jeff Wong
    • Megan Yeend
    • Geordie Zaunders
    • John Zaunders

    Picture Gallery
    The photos are brought to you courtesy of Kym Sullivan, Cathy Drinkwater and Ivan Reid.

    Those present at the reunion in 1995, were, from left to right: John Bloomfield, Graeme Barnes, Peta Rootes (Thorpe), Garry Thorpe, Heather Eastwood, Stephen Ring, Vicki Hunt (Achterstraat), Robert Campbell, Richard Sharpe, Kym Sullivan, Karen Banks (Sutcliffe).

    This photo was taken at Graeme Barnes' 21st birthday party, it seems. It includes Robert Campbell (partial), Karen Banks, Sonja Weinberg, Bronwyn Beare, Julie Larsen and Keith Moon. I am not sure who the person on the right hand edge of the picture is.

    This photo was taken in 1978 at some sort of farewell for Kym Sullivan. I can only recognize a couple of people here. Jenny Campbell (Barnes) appears at the bottom of the picture and it looks like Adrienne Haritos is half showing on the right hand edge of the photo. However, Leo Berzins tells me that Phil Kuruvita(spelling) is in the center in the white jumper, and Chistine (Chris) Moon, also in white, is in the front towards the right. Oh, yes, I am up the back, and I still have that mug, or at least I did until a year or so ago. Richard Reinstra recently supplied a couple of extra names. Phil Clements is the person at the bottom left of the photo, and Derek McLeod is just behind Christine Moon.

    It's hard to recognize the people in this shot, but you can see the admin block etc.

    Well, courtesy of Leo Berzins, we now know that these people are: Mick Lewis, Michael Battenally (obscured), Martin Lees (back to us), Gary Richards, and Leo Berzins. And, Margo Souden is the person in the foreground is.

    Finally, Ivan Reid has put up a bunch of photos here.

    For corrections/additions/suggestions for this page, please send email to: rsharpe[AT]richardsharpe[dot]com
    Last modified: Sun, August 28 2005.